CFS Services

Hands-on tactical support and skills for every aspect of retail management.

CFS Services draws on an extensive skills pool built up over the years’ to support the retail experience in stores with a unique outsourced managed service offering.

With over 14 years’ experience in hands-on retail support for leading telecommunications operators, CFS Services has built an enviable network of high-end skills and an impressive track record of launching, running and supporting specialist retail stores and customer support outlets across South Africa.

CFS's Retail operations managed services include a broad spectrum of activities to ensure optimal retail store operations, from people management, supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory and customer service before, during and after purchase.  

CFS Services’ unique services portfolio includes:

CFS Training Services

Knowledge is power, especially in the IT world. A well-trained, knowledgeable staff is key to your organization's long-term growth and success.

CFS is committed to providing our customers with the necessary training required to support their mobile data offerings.

Centerfield conducts training at our training center in Johannesburg. The center provides a comfortable learning environment and individual access to the hardware and software customers' need for hands-on instruction. All courses use Centerfield Software vendor-authorized courseware and are presented by our vendor Certified Professional trainers.

Centerfield Software's trainers are also in the position to provide Onsite training at your requested location. We also develop custom training specific to your implementation requirements by collaboratively establishing criteria prior to course delivery.

Outsourced customer service

Retail Outlet Managed Services

CFS Services draws on an extensive skills pool and over 14 years’ retail support experience to deliver a unique outsourced managed services offering for the retail sector.

  • CFS's Retail operations managed services include a broad spectrum of activities to ensure optimal retail store operations, from people management, supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory and customer service before, during and after purchase.

Ambassador and Tactical Team

The CFS ATT specialises in all facets of retail operations, delivering rapid, high-impact support and expertise across new store launches, existing store management and upskilling, technical and customer support and crisis interventions.

In cases of mismanagement, labour disputes or other operational disruptions, the CFS ATT will step in to deliver business as usual at your retail store, ensuring uninterrupted customer support and maintaining your brand reputation.

CFS’s specialised team delivers expert assistance in all facets of the retail operations environment

Customer Retention and Support Consulting

Building on our extensive experience in delivering, maintaining and supporting successful retail operations, CFS Services delivers proactive customer (retention) and support services designed to enhance your customers’ overall experience add to customer retention and grow your business.

Our in-store pre- and post-sales support model helps you retain customers to allow for more reliable sales forecasting, reduce the cost of customer acquisition and grow profits thanks to a more loyal customer base.  

Our team offer device and software support to customers. Roving technical and customer care support for businesses, corporates and their staff in shopping centres and surrounds. Backup staff when stores are short staffed, to ensure business continuity.

  • Servicing your customers on general sales and after-sales services including data, digital and or technology orientated services in retail outlets and/or other presence points distributed nationally.

Technical Repair Centre Managed Services

CFS Services has a lengthy track record of delivering high-level technical support, along with  a national skills pool allowing us to deploy technical support resources to facilities and retail stores around the country.

Our ‘can do’ culture is focused on understanding our customers’ needs for cost-effective quality repair services and solutions, which allows them in turn to exceed their customers’ expectations.

We have dedicated repair cells for all mobile phone device manufacturers to ensure that we deliver not just the scale, but also the specialist expertise required by our customers.

With skills spanning multiple manufacturers and technologies, CFS Services’ portfolio continues to expand, encompassing:

  • Mobile Phone devices
  • Tablet Devices
  • Mobile network Routers
  • Warehousing, storage and logistics

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