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CFS Group is a member of The KID Group of Companies and is well known for pioneering pre/post purchase support and training in the mobile telecommunications industry since 2005.

CFS specialise in Managed Services in the telecommunications industry and remains the largest niche skills outsourcing partner operating in this space. We are also well positioned in the business of desktop support.

A growing number of organisations are discovering the benefits of outsourcing their human capital needs to a specialised service provider such as CFS. This trend to harness outsourced skills is resulting in rapid expansion in CFS’s skills base and service portfolio to meet increasing demand.

Our ±250 technical, sales and support staff are deployed countrywide in branches and corporate offices of our key clients and associated franchise holders. This enables telecoms retailers to offer a range of value-added services to end customers, including on-site mobile handset activation, app installations and mobile software repairs. Our unique retail support services now extend beyond the telecommunications sector, to franchises and retail and corporate outlets across multiple sectors.

Social Commitment

CFS takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Through our enterprise development partnerships, we are actively supporting South African telecoms skills development, while our commitment to CSR/CSI initiatives informs our support of a number of organisations promoting education and working to curb the abuse of women and children.

CFS regularly provides CompTIA A+ & N+ learnerships combined with soft skills through the MICT SETA for 40-80 unemployed students. This ensures a strong qualified pipeline for technical consultants for the company.

The CFS culture and comradery is a key element in the success of our company. Directors and management of CFS live by a motto of “wanting to leave this planet one day knowing that we have collectively made a change to hundreds of people’s lives”.

Beneficiaries of the CFS social commitment program are:
Nantes Primary School in Eersterus Pretoria
Huis Ebenhaeser in Daspoort Pretoria
Oliver's House
Girls and Boys Town

Enterprise Development

CFS have the opinion that Enterprise development should be seen as an investment into not only the future of South Africa, but also the future of all companies.

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